Taking care of a home is an important job that continually evolves. The list of jobs grows and falls as seasons change. This article addresses five important chores homeowners might want to put on summer maintenance lists. Since the weather is better this time of the year, it is important to schedule key tasks to get everything done.

Closely inspect the roof and gutters

When looking at these systems, property owners should do a wet and dry check. Check the roof and gutters with binoculars to prevent falls using a ladder. When looking at the mechanics while it rains, homeowners can see if any water pools near the foundation. If there are drainage issues, then it is easier to address those too. Ensuring the slab and lower home levels dry out quickly reduces stagnant water and problems with foundation leaks. 

Hire an HVAC contractor to clean the ducts and inspect home units

The vents and open areas of the home collect dirt, pet dander, and debris like other home surfaces. Since this part of the home is not in open view, many people tend to forget to clean the ducts. Making the task a part of the regular home cleaning schedule lets the HVAC technician rid the home of allergens and dust while checking out the air conditioner and furnace. Some companies offer discounts for booking more than one service.


Look for and combat environments conducive to mold

Stagnant water inside or outside of the home can lead to health problems and issues requiring expensive home repairs. Leaking pipes can occur behind walls and cause mold or mildew problems homeowners cannot see. One way to combat these problems is to lower the temperature of the air conditioner. While it is more cost effective to operate the system at a warmer number, the higher temperatures can cause more condensation to build up in the home. 

Other ways to prevent moisture buildup is to inspect the home for areas needing exhaust fans like bathrooms and attics. Any room with moisture needs ventilation. Some of these high-condensation zones include areas where there is too much insulation and not enough vents. A contractor can spot these issues and offer advice on how to remedy the situation if mold is a regular problem. Another tip is to clean the garbage disposal monthly. Routine cleaning keeps food buildup to a minimum and prevents bacterial growth.

Refresh landscaping to ward off pests

Summer trimming and the annual pruning of the beau chene (or beautiful oaks) are beneficial when homeowners want to cut back on the areas where raccoons, opossums, squirrels, chipmunks, termites, ants, birds, and other pests can nest. Manicuring the lawn, adding rock gardens, fixing fence posts, and putting down new mulch looks good, and it gets rid of spring nesting materials. Another task to add while landscaping is to inspect and seal the deck or patio. It will maintain curb appeal and keep property values highest. 

Another important tip is to perform seasonal and annual maintenance on lawn equipment to keep it running all summer long. By taking care of equipment checks and replacement parts at the beginning of the season, homeowners can prime machinery to run well the whole time. Replacing filters and spark plugs, swapping out the liquids, sharpening blades, and checking cords for fraying are beneficial tasks. 

Test home technologies

Many property owners use technology to make life easier. Things like automatic sprinklers and programmable thermostats help people to keep up during summer parties, vacations, and changing schedules. Homeowners can replace batteries and bulbs, dust the insides of the system, and change settings to make sure the equipment is operating well. This season is also the perfect time to check alarm and security systems, fire and carbon monoxide detectors, smart appliances, voice assisting technologies, and automatic blinds. If there are problems, then homeowners can book repairs before everyone begins getting annual home checks in the fall. 

Some uncommon things to add to the list are ice makers, small kitchen appliances, dehumidifiers, exhaust vents, vacuum cleaners, and security cameras. Taking the time to physically look at each item can help homeowners spot small problems. These checks allow you to save money by fixing items as soon as an issue is clear. It will stop many emergency breakdowns as well. 

Summer maintenance lists are often big. This time is when people can usually get outdoors and check out the exterior of the house more readily. While it may seem overwhelming to perform all these checks, property owners can split up the work to make it more manageable. Scheduling checks and repairs for an hour each weekend or four hours a month can free up enough time to get it all done before the fall chores become the focus.