A roof over your head is something that’s more comforting than any other feeling, and one that most people take as a given. A roof won’t last forever. What does a roof replacement cost? It’s important to address problems with your roof immediately.

Untreated cracks and leaks in your roof can cause water damage, rotting beneath the shingles, and eventually lead to the ceiling of your home falling. This could cause extensive damage to your home and even lead to the loss of valuable belongings. It can also pose a danger for your family. With commercial roofing, a damaged roof could ruin your business.

Are you putting off roof repairs or replacements that are urgently needed? This is the place for you. We’ll give you all the information you need to know about how much it costs to replace a roof.

NOTE: As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been an unprecedented labor shortage in the first half of 2021. This has led to a surge in construction jobs and materials demand. Material prices could be higher than reported here, and lead times for labor and materials may be longer than normal.

What is the Cost of a Roof Replacement?

The most expensive single repair you will face as a homeowner is replacing your roof. However, it’s an investment that will preserve your home for many years.

The lifespan of a new roof can vary depending on what type of roofing material you choose. You can also recoup some of your roof replacement costs when you sell your house.

Zillow estimates that a roof replacement can return around 60% of its original value in a real-estate transaction. A new roof is a marketable investment which can pay off in other ways. Your home will be more attractive to buyers and attract more competitive offers if it has more marketable features.

The average national cost of replacing a roof is $8,000. Most people spend between $5500 and $11,000. Two of the most important variables in a job such as this are your home’s square footage (and therefore your roof) and the type of roofing material that you choose.

roof repair cost

Roof Replacement Cost Estimate


Type of cost Cost
Average Price $8,314
Highest Cost $11,209
Lowest Cost $5,443

Factors that Influence Roofing Cost

A roofing professional can easily give you a quote for a roof replacement. You can expect 60% to be for roofing labor costs per square foot and 40% to cover materials. We’ll discuss both the costs and the variability of your price quote.


The average cost of roofing labor is $1.50 to $3.00 per square feet . A “square” is a common term in roofing. One roofing square covers 100 square feet. 150 to $300 per square. This is the same as the $1.50 – $3.00 per square foot quote. This distinction is important so you don’t get confused when you receive your quotation.

The following factors can affect the price of your roofing labor:

  • The extent of the damage:

The job becomes more complicated and more dangerous if there is extensive rotting beneath the shingles. If there is extensive rotting under your roof, your roofing contractor may charge more to replace it. They will need to have more equipment and time to make sure they are safe while they do the job.

  • Environment conditions:

Extreme cold and heat can increase the cost of the job. This is especially true if your roofing contractor has to bring in protective items for the team.

  • Removing old material:

Sometimes, a roof that was damaged years ago might have been reshingled to save time. You may have multiple layers of shingles on your roof if you live in one of these cases. This will reflect in the cost of roofing labor per square foot.


The average roofing material cost is about 40% of the roof replacement cost. This could range from $100 up to $1,000 per square. Keep in mind, however, that 100 square feet is a square. Depending on the type of roof, this can vary greatly. You’ll spend more for roofing materials if you go beyond the typical asphalt shingles.

Below is a breakdown of the cost of replacing a roof using some of the most popular roofing materials.

Type of roofing costs

Most homeowners choose asphalt shingles as their preferred choice. Asphalt shingles are affordable and can last up to 50 year in some cases. There are many options available if you want to replace your roof. However, your budget should not be too large. Here is a cost comparison for roof replacement of different roofing materials.


Roof Material Price assumes a 2200-square foot home
Asphalt shingles $2,500
Galvanized steel $3,000
Stainless steel $14,000
Stone/slate $20,000
Copper $25,000 and more

Cost of replacing roofing vs. repair

Maybe the roof damage is not too severe. Is it better to repair your roof than replace it? It’s always a good idea to get the advice of a professional roofing contractor before you do any type of roof repair or replacement. It’s possible to repair your roof if the damage is minimal or you don’t want to alter the material. You’re in luck if that’s the case. Roof repairs are usually less expensive than replacing a roof.

If you have an asphalt roof, an average cost for a minor roof repair is $325 to $377. Premium materials are more expensive and the hourly rate of labor will be $45 to $65. Below are some common reasons to have your roof repaired.

  • Flashing damage. They can wear over time and become damaged. This can cause leaks in your roof.
  • Curling shingles or worn shingles. Asphalt Shingles have a long life span (approximately 20-50 years). However, as they age, they can curl up and allow water to seep through the underside. A single bundle of shingles is usually required to replace a section of curling roofing shingles. This typically costs between $30 and $50.
  • Pooling water. Roofwater can cause serious damage within 48 hours. It is important to make sure you have your roof repaired as soon as possible.

In Closing

As you can see the cost of replacing the roof on your home can vary greatly depending on which materials you use as well as the location and condition of the home. Be sure to check your roof on a regular basis so you don’t get surprised by any unwelcome leaks.